Are these products all natural?
All of our products are natural and cruelty free. The items were not tested on animals. We pride ourselves on handmade products.

What is the correct order for a skincare routine?
Cleanse, exfoliate, tone, moisturize, SPF

How do I know what my skin suffers from?
Please consult with a doctor before you make the decision to use our products.

If I have a medical issue, is skinTEA able to aid it?
We at skinTEA are not doctors or specialists in the medical field. Please consult with your doctor before using.

Is this safe for sensitive skin?
Although we believe our products are gentle for any skin type, we encourage customers to not only read the ingredients of our products before making their purchase but to consult with their doctor first.

Where are these products being created?
Our products are formulated and created in Nigeria.

Can you recommend products for acne prone skin?
All of our products assist with acne prone skin, but we encourage the consumer to read the ingredients. Ingredients like turmeric, Vitamin C & E, Kojic Acid, Carrot seed oil, AHA, BHA, and tea tree oil are just a few of the products that assist with this. Please ask your doctor before using and we encourage test patching.

Do I still need to use SPF (Sunscreen)?
Yes. It is imperative to use SPF following moisturizer during the day to protect your skin from the sun. SPF with at least a 30.

Do I have to maintain a well balance diet to see results?
Consistency in product usage is one thing but your diet is another. We recommend enhancing your vegetable, fruit, and water intake to see best results.

How can I check the status of my order?
Please check your email for updates and when given a tracking number, track your package.

How do I contact you and when will I receive a response?
Email us at contact@theteaonskin.com we will respond within 24 hours of your message.

Can I get a refund?
All sales are final!

Will my package arrive on time?
If this is a concern, please order your shipment on time. Preorders shipping date varies. Though we would like your shipment to arrive at the appropriate time, we do not have control over delivery, weather, delays with dispatch or carrier. Once SkinTea ships, we encourage you to track your package through the carrier.

Do you ship outside of the US?
At this time, we do not. All orders are placed within the US.

How do I sign up for Sezzle?
You can sign up when you are checking out or go to Sezzle’s website.

I would like to collab, how do I contact you?
Send us an email at contact@theteaonskin.com