NEVER go to sleep with makeup on!

Can I sleep in makeup?

So get this…

  • Face Beat
  • Hair Done
  • Get Dressed
  • Drink and Twerk
  • Come Home
  • Sleep


That’s exactly what some of our routine looks like after a long night. Truth of the matter is…we are too exhausted to do anything after a girl or guys night out, a date, or happy hour. It’s understandable and debatable! After all, you are making the effort to put on makeup, style your hair, and get dressed. We often put so much energy in preparation to paint the town red because I mean really….you just never know who you may meet or see at the destination. I don’t know about ya’ll, but ladies and gentlemen I need a good 1.5 hours to apply my makeup and possibly squeeze in hair. If I have to curl my hair, add 30 minutes and if it’s just to straighten, maybe 15-20 minutes. Truth is, I need my time and I hate being rushed. Don’t let me start on getting dressed because either half of us don’t even know what we’re wearing to begin with, envisioned an outfit that ended up being a flop, can’t fit into the outfit ALL OF A SUDDEN because we are shy of an inch or 2 on the waist, or we calling our friends last minute to ask what the hell they’re wearing when none of them are answering the phone. LMAO! But let’s peep game a bit. I’ll be fair and say the calculation that all that time is taking probably estimates to be between 2-3 hours and that’s if you don’t have to glue down a frontal. (Yes fellas, we all have that friend who is the only one at home, gluing down a frontal that will lift as soon as she walks out the house). But seriously though, we spend 2-3 hours for this process, yet we can’t take 20 minutes to remove our makeup at the end of the night. Lord help us. 

We are our own enemy at times when it comes to self-care. We are the reasons our face does what it wants to do. There is somewhere in the bible that forbids this Matthew 6:17 says, “But when you fast, put oil on your head and WASH YOUR FACEignore everything before wash your face BTW…. I said what I said! LOL, but seriously, no people…. you can’t go to bed with makeup. It’s not good or recommended. This is one of the most common questions I get, “can I sleep in makeup?” It’s possible and I’m not saying your makeup will move by morning, but it’s not doing your pores any justice. I mean it is detrimental to the skin and has many negative benefits such as trapping dirt, clogged pores, puffy eyes, and much more pollution to collagen overtime. If you know you have sensitive skin, you have no business doing this. There’s no nicer way to put it. I get ladies reaching out to me discussing insecurities or why their skin seems fine even after not really having a skin routine. I am not innocent myself because I can’t sit here and say that I’ve never not slept in makeup especially when I know I have an event early in the morning. I try to be super careful laying on my back “casket ready” style and everything. A powder, setting pray, reapply the lips was my routine if I chose not to wipe a beat face. You can wake up cute, but your skin is longing for hydration. That’s exactly what I did, but I also had to realize I’m adding more product to the beat from yesterday which can cause more harm. Whelp! Apply at your own risk! Unfortunately, I was out all day and my poor skin didn’t physically hurt but I can only imagine what was happening to it due to a lack of moisture.


So how do I change that? Simply wash your face. SIMPLE. I beat myself up for convincing myself that it’s ok to go bed without washing my face. Please don’t think you’re exempt because you used a makeup wipe and went to bed. Sounds dramatic, but that’s the devil. Wash your face. I think people shy away from this because they think it will take forever when in all actuality, it doesn’t have to. At skinTEA we believe in a SIMPLE skincare! Here’s a quick 4 step night method:


  • Wash your hands
  • Use oil cleanse or make up wipe to remove your makeup
  • Use the skinTEA Chocolate Bar Soap and clean for 30-45 seconds with washed hands or a facial spin brush
  • Spray or use a cotton pad to tone using the skinTEA VitÜMin C+ Facial Toner
  • Lock in the moisture with the Bright N’ Early Facial Oil (optional)
  • Seal in that oil serum with the lightweight Posh N’ Glow Moisturizer


This quick and friendly night time skin care routine is exactly what you need to win. No it doesn’t have to be a long and drawn out process. Because I am so tired from going out at night, I legit make it my business to make my skin care night time routine, quick and valuable! So folks, think of your bed sheets, pillow cases, your spouse or partner and most importantly your skin when you make the decision to sleep with makeup on. Don’t forget to follow us on @theteaonskin on IG. Bye sweet loves!