Welcome welcome welcome to a melanin friendly skincare platform, The skinTEA that will give you the TEA on skin! Did I mention we are black owned (smirks) YES! We are so excited to reveal gems, info, products, and much more to you! Listen up! This isn’t just for the ladies, but this is also for our guys too. Men don’t take care of their skin anymore or what?! Nah. Let’s normalize skincare pampering unisex-ly. I have no idea if that’s a word, but guess what? It is now. This platform was created to share solutions, problems, ideas, you name it for what? YOUR SKIN!

So…talk to me. What about your skin don’t you understand? That’s usually the toughest part about figuring what is most important for that good caramel, chocolate, or mocha you’re working with. The truth is, everybody is different. What works for you may not work for your sista or brotha next to you, but what you damn sure must always know is you must test a hypothesis. One can’t assume nothing works for their skin if they’ve never tried. As a skincare junkie, I am the queen of test driving the wheel. How long should I give a product before I draw a conclusion? Scientifically 30 days, but technically when you’re ready! You never truly see results until about 3-4 weeks and for others, it’s almost immediately. Here’s the tea to understanding your skin:

1. You might just break out….does it mean you’re dying? No. Does it mean you should stop using a product? Maybe. Does it mean to keep going? Yes, No, and Maybe: You may breakout because your skin is simply not used to being pampered and A LOT of times your new product is removing those bad toxins that you have. So it may just get worse before it gets better. Not sure what your water intake is like but, but it sure in hell has to be high to go with this new routine. Breaking out is not always a bad thing unless you have a skin allergy which I recommend you go to a specialist to check out.

2. Your skin is not tolerant of that product: I’m HUGE on comfort. If your skin can’t stomach a product, simply stop using it. Trust me there are other products that serve your skin justice and make you glow and grow in ways you can’t even imagine.

3. Starting off with a basic routine: Sometimes less is more. You would be surprised what a basic routine can do to your skin in order for you to see top notch results. What is a basic routine you say?
a. Cleanse
b. Tone
c. Moisturize
d. SPF

That’s what you literally need in order to see results. Serums are bonuses for beginners. When you get the hang of a disciplined routine, then it is necessary to ease your way up to the big league. You can’t just jump into the water when you can’t swim right?! Gotta learn how to float first.

4. “Hood Hopping” Products: I know you’re wondering what in the hell is that…LOL! “Hood hopping” refers to going from one place to another. Some of you do that with your products and it’s confusing the hell out of your skin. Let your skin get familiar with 1 type of product first.

5. What are you eating: Your skin says a lot about what you consume. Mhmm sure does. So if you’re drinking hella water, you might just look like the fountain of youth, or if you drink hella water and your diet sucks…. you might get a breakout here or there. Whatever the case may be, treat your skin with nutrients if you want to see results. High water intake or green veggies gets my skin feeling super good. I’m not here to tell you what to eat because every now and then, I have to sneak a cookie or 2, but I know I must have boundaries.

6. What is my skin type: To my melanated people, we are naturally oily or dry. Are your cheeks or forehead shiny? (Oily) Does your skin feel tight even when it’s hot outside? (Dry) Does your skin feel normal af until you start your numerous activities throughout the day? (combination) This is probably the first thing that will allow you to determine what correct products to use.

So there you have it. That’s the tea sweet loves and the beginning to forever healthy skin. Understanding your skin is imperative before you start working on it. Disclaimer: Just because you understand your skin doesn’t mean it still won’t go through it’s phases. There is no such thing as perfect skin unless you’re taking care of it. As you embark on this skincare journey, do not be afraid to ask questions. I want to hear about your journey so let’s talk! We are in this together. Please make sure to get more action on our Instagram at @theteaonskin Love Ya’ll!