Skin: Gift or Curse?

Let’s get right into. Do you love your skin? If so, what about your skin is so intriguing to you? Are you fully comfortable in it? What you may not know about the skinTEA brand is, one of the inspirations came from the breathtaking Netflix documentary, “skin,” a captivating film narrated by actress, Beverly Naya. Beverly explored the mean streets of Lagos, Nigeria discovering the darkness behind colorism. Her quest to find beauty in all complexions became not only a joyful adventure, but an emotional rollercoaster.

Racism is very uncommon within the country of Nigeria, but colorism is the enemy. There are different of shades of colors within the Nigerian diaspora and although I see it as beauty, most Nigerians see it as a curse. The documentary skin, dove deep into colorism by describing the economic challenges that create the decision of why Nigerians choose to bleach their skin. Skin bleaching is the action of an individual choosing to lighten their pigmentation in order to potentially gain “attraction”. You may ask why, but this has become an epidemic in this country. Beverly interviewed different women and openly discussed the pressure of being dark skinned. Meeting society’s needs on how you should be represented was becoming toxic. Yes. Fair skinned or “light skinned” complexion women, were seen as beautiful and more likely to succeed in their industries. Beverly further speaks about being a dark skinned child and explains how she suffered from low self-esteem as a child. Though she fixed somethings about her physical appearance, mentally she believed she still did not meet the requirements of being the it girl.

SkinTEA was created for the individual who can’t seem to smile at the reflection, the teenage guy or girl who is in his awkward stage of growing pains, and the individual doesn’t or wants to feel like self-care is a priority. The skin documentary triggered my soul a bit because of the soft spot I have for deep dark individuals. When I think of a dark skinned individual, I immediately think chocolate or even a cup of hot chocolate. That feeling when you grab a mug and place it under your Keurig and you smell the rich flavor of cocoa powder mixed with the liquids spewing out of the machine? Yeah that. I never realized how much culture shock I receive until I go back to Nigeria. So let me tell you, after doing much research before starting skinTEA officially, I realized that nurturing your skin is not that simple. It’s not the capabilities that is holding us back, it’s the economic deficiency, meaning we simply can’t afford it. Just put it this way, if you do not have the financial stability, you lose the desire for self-care. I had to learn people and especially black and brown people. How am I able to convince these groups of people that skinTEA will change the way they feel about their skin?

The beauty behind consistent self-care is, it starts with us first. For others, it starts with encouragement and accountability. SkinTEA is not for physical beauty, it’s for internal beauty. When you radiate within, your glow will illuminate on the outside. A confident person has an aura. The only requirement skinTEA has is to come as you are. The pigmentation of your skin is unique and most importantly customized to how God views YOUR beauty in His eyes in a nutshell. SkinTEA’s foundation started in Nigeria during the high demand of bleaching. You may wonder why we chose to do that but it’s risk we had to take in order to understand our real audience.