Jane Wurwand + Bravery = Dermalogica

When you take a look at the beauty industry, it is an overwhelming space due to the numerous options that are made available to consumers. We see the brands, but we don’t see the person behind the brand. We see the product on the shelf, but fail to realize their process of placing it in retail stores. We go to Amazon and add products to our cart, but have no clue of how and who pitched this product. In short, as consumers, we see the exterior and not the day in the life of a successful brand.

The life of an entrepreneur doesn’t go in vain once you hear what the individual’s process entailed. There are a lot of women that skincare brand owner, Clarice Eze respects, and Jane Wurwand is that. In her new book, “Skin in the Game,” she discusses overcoming fear, trauma, and heartbreak all while finding her true identity. She further speaks about understanding the importance of “having your own” based on her experience as a child. She describes 10 things to know by the age of 10 that was truly intriguing from having a bank account to pumping gas to wrapping a gift and writing a thank you card. You’re probably wondering, well…what does this have to do with skincare, well it has nothing to do with skincare. The true message is building confidence.

Believe it or not, we all have a Jane Wurwand inside of us where we as women entrepreneurs are seeking respect, love, and earnings but we will always potentially have those things instead of actually possessing them if we choose fear. Think about that statement for a second. “Anything vaguely exciting always comes with fear,” Jane gracefully says. Earning your bravery badge as Jane calls it, is her reminding us how we can’t be given confidence, we simply have to earn it. Imagine the type of confidence a British immigrant with $2800 to her name, migrating to South Africa and final destination being Los Angeles, had to have in order to become worth millions.

“I wouldn’t have started Dermalogica had I stayed in the UK,” Jane confidently says during an interview. I can keep speaking on Jane’s courageous attitude for hours and how much of a SHE-ro she is but let’s chat. How many of us has had the opportunity to jump even when it doesn’t make sense? Ladies…when is the last time you took a leap of faith in your desired industry without a plan? How did you feel when you did take that leap? When is the last time you felt independent? What you currently possess, did you get it on your own? When I think of the foundation of skinTEA and leaving corporate America, I ask myself, what would happen if I did not leave….would I boldly birth a startup skincare brand? Here’s some homework for the ladies who are still figuring things out. Ask yourself these questions and if you don’t know how to answer them, remember Jane Wurwand received 17 cease and desist letters from Proctor & Gamble because of the name of her product, yet the name that was causing friction is the same name today that made her who she is. If Jane gave up, would Dermalogica be a discussion today?

We honor Jane Wurwand, an icon in the beauty world, and tip our hats for her bravery as a double minority running an empire. You too can do it.